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Our Mission
A Personal Letter From
Dr. Tracy Gapin, MD
Hey, Tracy here.

11 years ago I was 30 pounds overweight, with a cholesterol of 245, and - I’ll be honest - a sex drive closer to a Prius than a Chevy.

It was embarrassing.

I was supposed to be a doctor, but couldn’t even look after my own health. I had spent so much energy on looking after my clients, wife and kids, I forgot to look after myself.

It was only when these problems started to impact my career and relationships I sat up and took notice.

But when I tried to do something about it, nearly every doctor I saw was no help at all. Prescribing me handfuls of pricy pills which they swore would solve everything, yet often left me feeling worse than before.

And everywhere I looked, guys were in the exact same position as me.

Men suffering low-T, low confidence, feeling weak, old and, well, soft. Even those who you’d expect to be the pinnacle of health, like ex-athletes and Fortune 500 executives.

Men sick of endless, pointless doctor’s appointments. It got me thinking:

“What’s gone wrong?”
In short, everything.

I’ve spent the last 2 decades researching men’s health, helping guys crush their health goals. As both a bestselling health author, and board-certified urologist.

Even setting up my own clinic in Florida, The Gapin Institute. Providing tailored health advice to men determined to maximize their performance and potential. And the truth is this:

The modern world is messing men up - big time.

Everything from our highly processed diets, to sedentary jobs, to hormones in water supplies, microplastics, pollution…

They all wreak havoc on your body.

It’s no wonder testosterone levels in guys are dropping like a stone. And why 54 million American men are overweight.

But - as you probably know - these problems don’t just affect you. They damage your relationships, your career, your family life, even your sense of self worth.

Since my health scare, I’ve dropped 20 pounds, restored my sex drive, and feel like a man 15 years younger. And it taught me a crucial lesson:

“If you want to provide for your family, perform in your career and for your partner…

You start by protecting your health.”
That's why I set up Apex Labs.

To give any man the tools he needs to reach his full potential. To feel strong and confident in his day-to-day life,
his career, and relationships. To be respected and admired by the people around him.

In other words, to become unstoppable.

With Apex Labs, I’m honored to give you access to my secrets which have helped CEOs, world-beating athletes, and visionary entrepreneurs perform at the highest level.

Each formula is created using the very latest scientific research. Manufactured to industry-leading, uncompromising standards. All with one goal in mind:

To help you become the man you - and your loved ones - deserve.

Dr. Tracy Gapin, MD
Board Certified Urologist
Age Management Medical Group
Member American Academy of Anti-Aging
International Peptide Society

CEO of the Gapin Institute for High Performance Health

Featured on:
WFLA News Channel 8
Entrepreneur Media
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